#AwardsEligibility 2021

I have this fantasy where I win stuff but continue to Not Be Perceived, which uhhh. Anyway I had several things out in 2021: two short stories, three nonfiction articles, and (pls do not tell 2010s Priya) a poem. Not sure about the nonfiction (although I am very proud that I managed to go full Classics nerd in a blog about technical skills! Like seriously I got my sister to send me a picture from Hesiod’s Theogony), but the other stuff is eligible for…stuff, as long as it’s applicable to US residents whose first language is English.

Before I get into it, I would like to shout out all the editors who made this happen :’O You are very appreciated! Especially when you don’t run away screaming from my bullshit haha.


Neither of these are freely available online, so here are links to the blog posts I wrote about them, which contain details on where to buy:

Woman, Soldier, Girl ~5800 words in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July/August 2021

Where the Light Had Been ~2600 words in Neon Hemlock’s Unfettered Hexes anthology


Dragonslayer – Fantasy Magazine, February 2021


As mentioned above I don’t think these are as relevant to SFF awards, but I’m linking them anyway because they might be interesting??

Using Unreliable Narration to Create Voice – SFWA blog. Some thoughts I had on voice and how fiction is at its best when you lie a lot. (I kid. Or do I? Read it and find out!)

What Do Merfolk Notice on Land? – Mermaids Monthly, September issue. This was part of the climate change issue so there’s a lot here about what humans have done to the ocean, framed in terms of…what the title says. Also the time I followed a turtle around. Also something like 1 reference for every 10 words. Bless Zotero.

On the Destruction and Restoration of Habitats – Reckoning Issue 5. Listen I am not Captain Creative Titles here, it’s ruminations on stewardship work I’ve done.

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